30 March 2013

How to Install Windows 8 for Free

Windows 8Now a days Windows 8 is one of the famous and popular operating system from Microsoft.It was popular with in a short period of time.The popularity was increased because of the release of Windows 8 Developer preview.The first look of the windows 8 Developer preview is so cool and its very colorful. So in those ways windows 8 is very popular and very famous now a days.

In this article I would like to show you the installation process of Windows 8.The process of windows 8 installation is very simple and very easy. It takes less than 40 minutes to install. If you familiar with windows 7 installation it’s very easy to install Windows 8 in your system. If you don’t know how to install Windows 7 , no problem I will show you how to install Windows 8 easily.

The main attraction of windows 8 is its user interface. The user interface is totally changed from previous windows operating system to this operating system.The interface name is Metro User interface.The main aim to create this type of user interface is to attract the smart phone users.This windows 8 is best suits for smart phones. Microsoft exclusively use this Windows 8 to their SURFACE tablets.

Installation Type:

The installation process contains two types of installations.one is install from previous windows operating system and second one is install from booting.

The difference between these two types of installations are we can install windows 8 with in the previous operating system that is GUI(Graphical User Interface). This feature of installation is introduced from Windows Vista onwards. Before Vista we cannot install windows operating system in GUI mode. We only install windows in Command mode that is Windows XP and before Operating systems.


1. Windows 8 DVD.
2. 1 GHz Processor.
3. 1 GB RAM or Above.
4. 16 GB Hard Disk Space or Above.
5. Microsoft DirectX9 Graphics Device.

These are the pre requisites to install windows 8 in your system. 

Now let’s start the installation part.

As said above start installation in GUI mode for better experience. This is because some times we want to install two operating systems in one computer at that time we have to choose another hard disk drive. So for identifying the hard disk drives easily go through this GUI installation.

Installation Process:

Step 1:

Turn on your PC and login to your account. Next open your CD/DVD drive and insert the Windows 8 DVD in that drive.After few seconds the installation is starting. If you don’t have windows 8 Operating system DVD then download the ISO image file from the below link.Its free trial version from Microsoft for 90 days.

Step 2:

The installation window will appear with a button called “Install”.Click on that install button to install windows 8 in your system.Now setup is copying temporary files in to the temporary location.Next a window asks you for windows updates. It is not required because we use trial version.If you want to buy windows 8 then choose first option otherwise go to second option.

windows 8 1        windows 8 3


Step 3:

Accept license agreement by checking the check-box. This step is mandatory. If you don’t check this check box then the installation doesn’t continue.So check this box and click on Next.After that select windows only option to install. This will install windows in customized way.

windows 8 4         windows 8 installation 5


Step 4:

The next step is very important because at this stage we choose a hard disk drive to install windows 8. Actually by default it takes C Drive as the installation drive. If you want to change it then choose your optional drive for installation.

windows 8 installation 6


Step 5:

After clicking on next all the required windows 8 installation files and system files are copied in to the system folders like program files, windows folders etc. It takes some time to copying. After completing this copying the system will be restarted and the installation starts after reboot.

windows 8 installation 8        windows 8 installation 7

Note: At the time of reboot you may remove the Windows 8 DVD from the CD/DVD drive.Windows 8 DVD is not required from Step 6.


Step 6:

The total setup process after reboot is divided into four steps. They are
startup settings
1. Personalize
2. Wireless
3. Settings
4. Sign In to PC
Let’s see one by one.


Step 7:

Personalization is to perform user operations to customize the user interface and giving PC name. In this we have to choose the background color and the PC name.


Step 8:

Wireless setup is to setup the internet connection (if available) in your PC. This is important because we have to activate our trial version before using.If you don’t activate your trial version all of the features are not available that is customization is not available.here activate windows version means activate our 90 days trial period.


Step 9:

Settings contain system settings. To setup these settings just click on Use Express settings. This is some faster by comparing the custom settings. So always go through Express Settings.
express settings


Step 10:

Sign in to your PC settings are used to create a user name for user access and its related password.You must provide password hint for password. We can add more than one user account.
Now your all new Windows 8 Operating System is like this.
start screen

By following above 10 simple steps you can easily install windows 8 in your PC.

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