25 June 2013

How to create Google Alerts

googlealertsWhat is Google alerts. First of all we have to know about this Google alerts. This is a Google service which gives alerts from particular website you want.

With this service you can get the updated information about any website or any web service in the internet. So to get information from any website then you no need to search daily on that particular website. Just create this Google alerts service for that website then Google alerts will send you the updated information directly to your email.

The main purpose of this Google alerts service is provide the updated information about any particular website directly to the users email inbox. This service reduces our task to check daily that particular website for any updated information. By using this service you can receive the alerts in a particular time that you set in alerts settings or you can receive the alerts about that website whenever it is updated.

Google alerts service monitors the particular website or service or a particular person or event for updates. Whenever is new updates are available then Google alerts service will send that updated information tag line and some information to the your email address. So you can simply get that latest result about that event or particular person or any website.

When you create an alert it will show you the list of suggested websites based upon your search query. Select any one of the result and set alerts for that. From now onwards you get the updated information about that event or website.

Let’s see how to create the Google Alerts

1. Open Google alerts by typing this url in address bar . http://www.Google.com/alerts

google alerts

2. It will opens the Google alerts webpage. In this page it shows you five fields.

3. In the first field that is Search Query enter your search query. Here search query means enter a website name or event name which we want to get the updated information.

4. Next in second field that is result type select the type of the service you want to get updates. If you want total info about that site or event then choose everything.

5. Third field is How Often. This means when to get the updates. It has three options. They are 1.As it happens 2. Once a day, 3. Once a week. Better to choose once a day.

6. Fourth field is How many. Here you have to choose the no of results about that particular website or event. It has only two options. One is Only Best Results another one is All results. If you want get all results then choose the all results other wise choose only best results. Better to go for Only Best Results.

7. And the final step is enter your email id. Here provide your email id which you want to receive the alerts.

google alerts1

8. After filling the all fields click on Create Alert. Then it will shows you a confirmation message that contains “A confirmation message is send to the registered mail id” and you have to click on that link to get alerts.


9. Open your email and click on the activation link of Google Alerts to get the alerts about your search query.

alert created

10. In this way you can get the updates from any event or any website and you can monitor the changes on a particular website or event.

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