19 August 2013

4 Best Ways to Block Any Website

how to block a websiteHere you know about how to block a website and various website blocking methods.

In our daily internet usage we browse many websites,some of the websites are most time draining websites and they collapse our time with its activities.To overcome this problem we must block a website in our pc or in our network.

There are many methods to block a website but here i mention some easy methods for it.

How to Block a Website?

There are several methods to do this action,here i mention some of the working methods.

1.Block websites using localhosts file
2.Block websites using browser addons
3. Block websites using third party software
4. Block websites using avast antivirus

Block websites using localhosts file:

This is the evergreen method to block websites in our pc and it doesn’t need any software to make websites unresponsive in your pc or network.

Steps to Block websites using localhosts file:

1. First open run dialogue box by pressing win + r key combination and type “system32” if you use 32 bit operating system or type “system64” (without quotes) if you use 64 bit operating system.

2. Now it opens system32 folder in your pc.Now open drivers folder and next “etc” folder.

3. Now right click on hosts file and open with notepad to make changes.Go to the bottom of the file and type the following command as it is     www.facebook.com

edit hosts file in windows 8

Here i block facebook in my pc,you can change it to your desired website.If you want to block more than one website then add some more websites using the same syntax.

block facebook in chrome browser

If you use windows 7 or higher versions of microsoft operating system like windows 8 then you need to do some changes to save hosts file properly.

How to edit hosts file in windows 7 / windows 8?

 For more security purpose Microsoft tight the security in windows 7 and windows 8.If you edit any files in system32 folder then they don't be properly.To block a website you need to edit hosts file and save it again with your settings.

But it doesn't allow to make changes.Here i show the way to edit hosts file properly in windows 7 / windows 8.

1. First follow the above 2 steps and don't open hosts file.Now right click on the hosts file and choose properties option.

2. Now it opens a dialogue box which contains three tabs General,Security,Details etc.Select Security tab and you need to give full rights to modify hosts file.

3. Click on edit button and tick all boxes under "allow" option. and click on ok button.

4. Now try to save the hosts file.Hurry file saved successfully.

Block Websites Using Browser extensions:

There are many browser add ons and extensions are available to block websites.

Chrome extensions to block websites:

  • Stay focussed
  • Block site
  • Siteblock

Firefox addons to block websites:

  • Block website
  • Silent block
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Block websites using third party software:

There are many third party software are available to block websites and they provide several options to block websites like time setting and allows to block some pages of the websites.

Here is the list of some third party software to block websites.
  • HT employee monitor
  • The Web blocker
  • K9webprotection

How to Block a Website Using Avast Antivirus?

Yes avast antivirus gives an option to block any website in your network or in your pc.If you feel above hosts file method is difficult then try this method.

1. For this you must install avast antivirus or avast internet security.If you already installed then follow the below procedure else download the avast antivirus for free from the below address and install it on your pc.

2. Avast antivirus is inbuilt with some programs like Google chrome browser.If you don't want to install it on your pc then choose custom installation.

3. Open avast antivirus after installation and go to Tools menu and select "site blocking" option.

4. Now check the "enable site blocking" option and write the website url which one you want to block on your pc. Here i block facebook website for this tutorial.

5. Enter the url in the box and click on add button.You can block one or more websites at a time and you can also use wild cards to block entire website group.

Hey friends just wait its not over because we only block website using avast and it shows clearly in the browser.So any one can remove the blocking on avast.So if you want to do strict blocking you need to secure your avast with password.

1. Open avast antivirus and click on "settings" option.Now go to password option on the right sidebar.

2. Check the box "Protect avast! with a password" and type the password  two times.Now no one can delete the websites in the site blocking field.

These are the methods to block websites in windows operating system.I hope this article is useful to you.
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