1 September 2013

How to Remove Delta Search Completely ( Perfect Guide)

remove delta search toolbarThis how to guide describes about how to remove delta search and other related ad ware programs from your computer.

Delta search is the search spider which is gather information from popular search engines like Google and Bing. It is also popular website in the internet with alexa rank 42. So the statistics are great but the main problem is with their toolbar. Because it make changes to your all pc browsers by changing the home page to their website and replace the integrated search engine with their delta search. This would be an irritating thing. Actually delta search toolbar is not a virus but it make some changes to our browser with our permission.

So here I share how to remove delta search completely without leaving any traces.

What is the origin of delta search toolbar?

I didn’t install delta search blindly in my pc never before but I’ve seen it on my friends computers so many times and thought about that where it comes from.

I’ve found the origin of this delta search toolbar in the internet within 2 minutes. Yes it’s completely our fault because we search for every software on Google and most of the download go for first link. Obviously its an ad.

Here the problem comes, If you click on that link you will redirect into that ad page and click on the download link. It downloads the software and it is less than 1 MB. So its not the correct software, it binds with some adware like delta search, Babylon search toolbar etc.

How to Remove Delta Search completely from your pc?

Actually its not a matter to remove the delta search toolbar and its 2 or 3 minutes process. If you thought about what we install on pc our problem will be smash that on the initial stage. Yes before proceeding on every installation just make sure to uncheck unwanted programs.

For testing purpose I download some adware programs and fully spoil my computer with those programs. So now I want to share the process on how to remove delta search toolbar and other toolbars.

ads on google

1. First Go to control panel on your pc and open “add or remove programs” in windows xp, programs and features on windows 7 / windows 8.

programs and features in control panel

2. Now search for delta toolbar and other adware which you not aware of installation.

3. Select delta toolbar and delta chrome toolbar and click on uninstall button. Some of the other toolbars doesn’t allow to uninstall from pc then you need to use some powerful uninstaller like revo uninstaller.

uninstall delta toolbar

browser defender

4. After removing all toolbars from control panel you need to do some changes on your browser. Because the real effected programs are browsers.

How to Remove Delta Search Toolbar from Google Chrome?

Now the real game begins.You only remove the programs from your pc but the traces of that programs are still in your all pc browsers. Check out this article to remove them from browsers.Actually they made few important changes to your browser like homepage changing,extension installation and new tab setting etc.

1. First open your chrome browser and go to the settings menu.Delta toolbar mainly changes three settings in the chrome browser.They are Change start up page,change appearance of browser and change the default search engine.

2. Now we need to clean those things. First go to “on startup” setting and click on “set pages” option. On the next box remove the delta search address and click on ok button
remove delta search on chrome

3. Now go to the appearance settings and click on “change” button to remove the delta search.

delete delta home page

4. After that go to search settings and change delta search to Google search.

5. Now go to extensions field and delete extensions related to delta search toolbar and other adware.

delete delta toolbar extensions

How to Remove the Traces of Delta search Toolbar?

We remove the delta toolbar extensions and some other settings but still it is in our browser. So we need to remove it completely using adwcleaner. Yes it is the perfect tool to remove all traces on all browsers within in a minute.

1. Download the adwclenaer from the following link and it is a click on run tool.So there is no need to install it on your pc.

2. Now just click on scan button to start the scanning process.


3. It takes 1 minute time to search all files which are related to search toolbar and show files in the software.

4. Now click on clean button to clean all delta toolbar files. After cleaning it asks to reboot pc. Just click on ok button to restart the pc.

clena toolbar files

5. After restarting pc it opens one text file with the reports created by adwcleaner.

adwcleaner deletion

That’s it. Now open any browser there is no traces available related to delta toolbar. Please use this software after uninstalling delta toolbar on control panel otherwise it cannot be removed completely.

There is another method available to remove delta toolbar that is done by using toolbarcleaner but it doesn’t remove all traces effectively. So  doesn’t mention that method here.


If you always use your browser in private mode then there is no problem with any toolbars and extensions. Because by default no toolbar cannot be installed on your browser.

I hope you understand the article about how to remove delta search toolbar completely from your pc.
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